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Mother's Day - Sunday, May 8, 2022

Motherʻs Day is right around the corner! If you need a few ideas for gifts, we are here to help. It is said, “the best things in life are free.” So true! We hope some frugal ideas below help you or your little ones feel confident about gifting this coming Sunday, May 8.

1. Plan an evening of mom’s favorite meals and activities: play her favorite games, play her favorite songs, or watch her favorite movie from home.

2. The gift of cleaning – This is an absolute favorite! Identify a cleaning project your mom may need help with: garage cleanup, car detailing, closet purge and organization, or simply washing, folding, and putting the day’s laundry away. Every bit goes a LOOOONG way!

3. Plan a day trip – With gas prices being a bit on the crazy side, plan for something close to home and fun: a simple picnic, a beautiful hike, or a family photoshoot using your cell phones. What mother doesnʻt want an annual family picture?

4. Pick flowers to present or turn into a powerful piece of art. Be sure to ask permission if picking on someoneʻs land. There is so much significance in sharing your energy within something you create, especially when the gift comes from our honua (earth).

5. Breakfast in Bed is a great way to start the day. Check out Pinterest or other fun sites for inspiration.

6. Write her a letter or poem – Try writing something in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Language) or the language of your choosing to pluck at those heartstrings.

7. Be super creative and make a Mother’s Day Coupon Book with things that you can do for your mom (ex: massage her feet, wash the dishes for the week, present her with mele (song) or hula (dance), bake cupcakes, etc.)

8. Offer Service – Momʻs donʻt share many things that need to get done, and this is your opportunity to step in and step up. Observe and note what your mom may need and get it done before the day of or in stages; either way, this gift will touch her.

9. Make her a special treat – Whether your mother is allergic to chocolate or fasting, find an opportunity to make a treat for her to enjoy (ex: mochi, custard, cakes, etc.) on any given day.

10. Homemade gifts are great! This type of makana (gift) is a beautiful way to express aloha (love) and shows growth over the years, from drawings that look like single-cell amoeba to gallery-worthy exhibits.

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