Fashion | Hawaiian Style with Kanoelani Davis of PoMahina Designs

ALOHA! Don’t miss out on an exciting Hawaiian fashion event on Sat., July 13 presented by E Ala E Hawaiian Cultural Center!

In our 2019 “Hawaiian-Style” series, we featured a Hawaiian Laulau Cooking Class with Maui-born, poke-extraordinaire, Chef Ola Miner from Aloha Crew here in the D.C. area. Then in May, we presented another Native Hawaiian, Keone Nunes, a world-renown master tatau (tattoo) culturalist.

Our next event? Saturday, July 13, where we will feature Native Hawaiian, Molokai-born, Kanoelani Davis, owner an creator of PoMahina Designs. The evening will include kau kau (food), panel discussion on blending traditional into our modern `a`ahu (clothing), cultural performances mixed with Polynesian fashions, and music! You’ll have an opportunity to buy PoMahina designer clothing. Pacific Island vendors welcome!

We’re seeking volunteers as follows:

1. Three make-up artists 2. Three hairdressers 3. Two designers to feature either their own designs or those from their culture (Maori and

Samoan) 4. 1 panelist from the Maori culture; 1 from the Samoan culture 5. DJ

NOTE: E Ala E Hawaiian Cultural Center will list you/your business on our website as our partner. You’ll also receive a letter of acknowledgment for your donation of time, which you may use when filing your taxes.

Additional information and tickets will be available in mid-June. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and check our website.

Please contact Ku`ulei Stockman (kuulei@ealaehcc.org) or call her at 703.203.4848 if you have any questions.

E Ala E Hawaiian Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Native Hawaiian cultural organization in the Washington, D.C. area. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate Native Hawaiian culture by educating, engaging and connecting with communities both near and far. To learn more about us, please visit our website at www.ealaehcc.org or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ealaehcc/

Mahalo (Thank you),


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