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2024 `Aha `Ōpio - Build Your Best Future

On Saturday, March 23rd, E Ala E Hawaiian Cultural Center hosted `Aha `Ōpio, a

must-attend event for those entering college, currently in college, or graduating college.

Our event was held in Arlington, VA, and was completely free! Representatives from

different universities from across the DMV area to learn about how to best equip

themselves to transition from college graduation into the workforce. We invited speakers

from different companies to come out to give advice on how transitioning out of college

was for them and how these `Ōpio can further develop their soft skills.


Other topics that were touched on by our speakers were; Power Introductions,

Networking, First Impressions, and, of course, Handshakes! Speakers were engaging

with the `Ōpio that attended and everyone got to practice their elevator pitches to each

other. `Ōpio were also able to ask questions, where the speakers that had been in

similar situations themselves were able to give some much needed advice.


No event is complete without some `Ono (delicious) food! We served Kalua Pork, Mac

Salad, Lomi Salmon, and of course Rice! (Can’t call it a meal without it!) The food was

so delicious that there wasn’t any left to take home!


And, of course, we can’t end the event without some hula! `Ōpio were able to learn He

Hawai`i Au (I am Hawaiian), from our `Alaka`i. Everyone had a fun time learning the hula

together and performing it at the end of the event.


What did one of the ‘Opio have to say about the event?

`Ōpio - “The `ono grinds and Hawaiian Sun; hula workshop; feeling welcome and the

aloha hospitality that I haven’t seen/had in years. I initially felt awkward since I am of

European descent even though I grew up on O`ahu, but meeting Jonah at check-in

helped ease me in.”

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