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ʻAHA ʻOHANA SERIES – Something for everyone!

Mahalo Kai Markell

‘AHA KEIKI (FIRE) Enthusiasm, courageousness, passion, creativity, originality, and resourcefulness. All of these fire qualities are prevalent in our youth. Children are taught the dangers of fire and to keep away from it; however, the goal is for our youth to understand and develop these fire traits to temper its qualities toward achieving balance. Learn more about Our RISE! Keiki Vibrancy Series - Cultural Foundations below.

ʻAHA ʻŌPIO (AIR) Our youth are progressive, flexible, curious, independent, adventurous, and intellectual. Air feeds our brain and is not fixed and solid but flexible and constantly moving. Air is the balance between fire and water and enables the mind to liberate the bonds of earth. Spread the word about our FREE RISE! ʻŌpio Vibrancy Series - Adulting 101 happening this Spring. This weekend-long event will cover various topics like Money and Credit Management, Investing, Taxes, Career Planning, Job Search/Resume/Interview, etc.

ʻAHA MAKUA (LAND) Respectable, hardworking, detail-oriented, stable, reliable, cautious, punctual, practical. In esoteric wisdom, land relates to the body. If you do not look after yourself and are unfit or unhealthy, it becomes more challenging to support energies generated by the other elements. Land represents grounding, the foundation for life, and family roots. Share our RISE! Makua Vibrancy - Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit Fair with all. Subject matter experts from Hawaiʻi and the DMV area are excited to share some of the following with all of you: Lomilomi (massage), Laʻau Lapaʻau (Healing with Whole Foods), Hula (Dance), Self Defense, Meditation, Cooking Demonstration, etc.

ʻAHA KŪPUNA (WATER) Our elders can be described as self-aware, adaptive, modest, devoted, reflective, authentic, integrating, and cooperative. Water is fluid and adaptable and dictates one's ability to manage various situations. In contrast, fire and air relate to thoughts and emotions, the element of water tests oneʻs ability to be fluid and adaptable when faced with adversity. Join us as we honor the journey of our elders/ancestors at our inaugural RISE! Kūpuna Vibrancy Series - Celebrating our Hulu Kūpuna (Precious Elders) Holokū Ball Fundraiser in October.

As we move through life, each element is represented. The analogies described here suggest that in different stages of a personʻs life, one element is more dominant than the other, and strengths in each grow over time. Our ʻAha ʻOhana Series honors each element and its relationship to people. It also serves as the inspiration behind how we choose to support our communities year after year. We hope these connections resonate with you and are worthy of your membership today. Click here to join now.

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