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The ability to reason and analyze information to come up with new solutions to a problem.  It's one skill that can't be automated.


Communicating clearly, either internally or to customers, is a much-desired skill across industries.


With the constant influx of new products and services, employers need creative minds that can apply these new tools to their product and industy.


Being able to understand how to work with the most up-to-date tools is a crucial skill in the constantly changing business landscape.  As automated services take on more and more of the grunt work, the ability to speak the language of these tools becomes a necessity for success.


The ability to work with others is a timeless skill, but as processes move faster and become more complex, the ability to understand others, be sensitive to their needs and find a way to work together will be more important than ever.


The ability to interact with others, and unite them behind a single purpose is an age-old skill that shows no signs of losing importance.

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